The Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia and Hungary are the countries constituting the Visegrad Group. They are neighbors sharing a multitude of historical experiences. On one hand the countries are close to one another, especially after entering the Treaty of Schengen, but on the other they are still unknown and unfamiliar.

Who of the citizens of these countries is  in a position to name at least several people significant for politics, culture, science and sport in the Visegrad Group? Or mention some most important historical facts or places of interests?

We seem to know a lot about America, China, France and other major but distant countries. Still, we have very little knowledge, or not at all, of the history and culture of our neighbors, nations so similar to one another in numerous respects.

To complete this blank in the awareness and mentality of the young generation the Association NZS 1980 organizes annually Silesian Youth Meetings of the Visegrad Group Countries. The participants of the Meetings, apart from the debates on the main themes of particular meetings, have an opportunity to get to know their partners, their interests, traditions, dreams and endeavors.

Then the differences between them turn out to be irrelevant as they discover more similarities and common aims and interests, but first and foremost the young people become convinced that “Together we can do more”.